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Chinese Chicken Manchurian

Chinese Chicken Manchurian

Chinese Chicken Manchurian Recipe

Chinese Chicken Manchurian Recipe is a very famous dish of chinese cuisine. It can be easily cooked at
home in less time and money. It can be serve as main course of chinese food menu.


1) Chicken 1/2 kg, boneless, cubed
2) Onion 1 medium, ground
3) Ginger/ Garlic paste 1 tbsp
4) Tomato sauce 1/2 cup
7) White pepper 1 tsp powdered
8) Sugar 1 tsp
9) Corn flour 2 tbsp mixed with 4 tbsp Water
10) White flour/ Chicken cube flour 1 tbsp
11) Soya sauce 2 tbsp
12) White Vinegar 2 tbsp
13) Salt to taste
14) Oil 2 tbsp

Chinese Chicken Manchurian Procedure

1. Marinate chicken in white vinegar, Soya sauce, sugar, salt and a tbsp of corn flour for half an hour.
2. Grease lightly and heat a steel hot plate, easily available in market, or a heavy shallow pan on low heat.
3. Heat oil in a pan, fry the ginger and garlic, add onions and fry till it changes color.
4. Pour in the tomato sauce and sprinkle white pepper and stir to make a sauce.
5. Stir fry the chicken in a separate pan and add to the sauce, along with the corn flour and
white flour/ chicken cube flour. Stir till the sauce thickens.
6. Serve in the heated hot plate or pan.

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