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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does differ from the Food section?

Zauqshauq is designed to be your ultimate source to make cooking much easier and
less time consuming. It gives motivation on what to cook and helps you discover, save
and arrange recipes across the website. The Health Tips category will assist you to become
healthy person and also helps you to find home remedies of different diseases.

2. Does it cost anything to use Zauqshauq Cooking Recipes?

No. Anyone from anywhere across the world can access unlimited recipes and videos on the website.

3 .Do I need to log in to my Zauqshauq account to use the website?

No. There is no such requirement as we do not register users as such.

 4. I found an error in the recipe, what do I do?

We always welcome your suggestions, comments and complaints about errors that needs to
be rectify. You can send your complain to

5. Can I rate or comment on a recipe?

Yes. You can easily comment and rate any recipe which you like or dislike by just clicking
on the stars which are above the comment box and can comment inside the comment box.

6. How do I print a recipe from the website?

Yes. You can easily print recipe by clicking “print” button which is below the recipe image.

 7. What is the required size of image while submitting my recipe?

Your image should be atleast 400x200pixels to 1500x1100pixels.

8. Can I submit more than one image while submitting my recipe?

Yes, you can submit upto six images in one recipe.

9. How do you contact me if I win any of your contests?

We will email you for further verifications and address confirmation.

 10. What will you do with the submitted recipes?

We will select top three recipes and publish on with your name.

11. Do you provide any assistance if I find any difficulty in any of your recipe?

Yes, we will try our level best to provide you full assistance.