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5 Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

5 Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Symptoms Prevention

Breast cancer is very much common now a days. According to the global stats, 1 in 8 women
will be diagnosed with breast cancer. On average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed
with this cancer and every 13 minutes 1 woman die because of breast cancer. Being aware of
breast cancer symptoms and prevention methods a woman can save her life by this
life taking disease.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Most visible symptoms which should not be overlooked are:

  • Usually it starts with a lump which changes in size of the breast.
  • Shrinkage of one or both breasts.
  • Underarms area are often signs to look for initial stage.
  • Most cancerous lumps are often painless, so keep this point in your mind.
  • Sometimes skin texture also changes.
  • In later stage you may have discharge from nipples in the form of liquid or may be blood.
  • There can be dimpling of skins as well.

5 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

1. Exercise

Even 1 to 2 hours of brisk walking in a week can help to reduce the risk.

2. Maintain a Healthy BMI

Women who are obese or over weight are on a high risk of breast cancer. Try to maintain healthy
BMI ranging between 18-24.9.

3. Drink Less

Avoid taking alcoholic drinks. Minimize your intake to just one drink each day.

4. Aware of Signs

Be aware of your body changes and how it looks.

5. Be Your Own Advocate

Always discuss your personal risk with your doctor and initiate a proactive plan to lower the risk.

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